Our cork closure solutions for spirits and wine bottles are designed with meticulous attention to detail to generate a unique brand personality. Premium materials are selected and designed in custom options: genuine design masterpieces that make any bottle stand out from the crowd. Bottles of fortified wines are opened and closed more often than other bottles, making it essential to equip them with suitable closure. So, for the fortified wine category, aplastic, wooden, or metal cap is mounted on the cork closure

Key features of Cork Closures include:

  • Excellent“breathability”
  • Comes in different quality(and price)levels as well as lengths,with longer ones
    available for age-worthy wines and wider ones for larger format wines
  • Relatively good insertion and extraction of the cork.
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Custom printing options available for both corks and cork caps.

Key divisions of Cork Closures include:

  • Spirits Division
  • Wine Division

The types of cork materials used in both divisions were:

Wooden Closures

Plastic Closure

Metallic Closures