Schutz Clozures

Schutz Clozures is designed to provide higher security level for 500/750/1000/2000 ml glass bottles or PET neck finish bottles at advantageous pricing for the customers.

The key features of Schutz Clozures include:

  • Unique and premium appearance to differentiate your brand
  • Tear off and Tamper evident for extended security level
  • Once opened, is opened forever (Practically impossible to reassemble closures from recycled bottles)
  • Strongest pull-off force when compared to competitors
  • Bore sealing to prevent leakage
  • Strongest NRF for more reliable security
  • Assured smooth flow
  • Snap-fit capping on high-speed auto and semi-auto linear lines
  • Lateral embossing and ample decoration possibilities
  • Complex and patented design making it difficult to counterfeit
  • Environment-friendly and sustainable product design

Technical Specifications