Voila Clozures are designed for higher-level security for 180/205/250/375 ml glass bottles or PET neck finished bottles. The unique opening of Voila Clozures represents its originality. This gives the customers confidence in your product and pleasant opening experience.

Voila is the first of its kind double tamper-evident security closure for small-pack sized liquor segment.
The key features of Voila Clozures include;

  • Unique, corky, sturdy and premium appearance
  • Double tamper-evident for a higher level of security
  • Stronger tear-off and tamper-evident
  • Complete closure destroyed while opening, making it unusable or reproducible by counterfeiters
  • Strongest pull off force as compared to other competitor products
  • Bore sealing for leakage prevention
  • Snap-fit capping on high-speed auto and semi-auto linear lines
  • Vast branding and decoration possibilities
  • Complex patented design making it difficult to counterfeit