Sleeve Clozures

Polylam capsules are the most commonly requested closure and are suitable for any type of wine, including premium wines. They are a cost-effective alternative when needed, or when the winemaker just wants to scale from the PVCcapsules

Tin capsules are better suited for super-premium or exclusive wines that generally use heavier bottles and higher-end packaging. Tin is a great choice because of its unique texture and soft feel. Tin capsules bring a very elegant and expensive look to your wine bottle

Designed for products that need an economical capsule, PVC capsules have an excellent ability to adapt to different types of finishes. These capsules are simply heat-shrunk on top of the bottles. Our PVC capsules can be customized easily, with a choice of techniques, ranging from off-set printing,hot-foil, embossing, and perforation.
Key features of Sleeve Closures include:

  • Awidevarietyofcolors, sizes, and printing options.
  • Heat-shrinkable labels, Heat-shrinkable capsules, Polylaminate capsules for Sparkling and Non-sparkling wines.
  • SustainabilityandRecyclability
  • Packagingforalcoholicandnon-alcoholic beverages.

The types of sleeve materials used are:


Aluminium Capsules

PVC Sleeves